Medical Maladies

You will research a disorder or malfunction of the particular system we are learning about. Type all of the information into the GoogleDocs slideshow which I have posted on my website and try to choose a topic that no one has already done. In class, you will give a 1-2 minute presentation just describing the general characteristics of the disease.  You will also need to take notes on the other diseases presented by your classmates in your journal, which you will use on tests.  By the end of the semester, you will have heard about at least 200 different disorders. 

15-point homework assignment due on Wednesdays.

PowerPoint Journal (15)

Name of the Disorder (1)

A.  The organ or part of the system that is actually affected  (2)

B.  Cause of the disorder (genetics, random, transmitted, etc)  (2)

C.  Symptoms (just a list) (2)

D.  Ways of diagnosis (ex. Blood test, ultrasound, etc) (2)

E.  Treatments (in use or experimental) (2)

F.  Prognosis (What will the person expect to deal with for the rest of their life?) (2)

G.  Pictures or videos of the problem area (2)

 Journal Entry Topic Due Date
 1 New Medical Technology   
 2 Integumentary Disorder
 Neurological Disorder  
 4 Drug Effects on the Brain and Neurotransmitters  
 5 Brain Dysfunction Story  
 6 Endocrine Disorder  
 7 Blood Disorder 
 8 Immune System Disorder 
 9 Urinary Disorder  
 10  Reproductive Disorder