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Notes and Links Semester 1

Chapter 1:  Scope of BiologyChaper 2:  Scientific Method
Ch 1 Scope of Bio.ppt

Ch 1 Students.doc
Scientific Method.ppt

Ch 2 Students.doc

[Link]Mythbusters:  Contamination



Chapter 4:  Chemistry
Links and Videos
Homework due 10/8:  Ch 4 WS

PP Notes:  Ch 4 Notes.ppt

Student Notes:  Ch 4 Students.doc

Properties of Water Lab:  AP Prop of Water Lab.pdf

Chapter 5 Macromolecules
Homework due 10/20:  Ch 5 WS.pdf

PP Notes:  Ch5 Notes.ppt

Student Notes:  Ch 5 Students.doc

Macromolecules Chart:  Macromolecules chart.xls

Pineapple Enzyme Lab:  Jello enzyme lab.docx
KEY Jello enzyme lab.docx

Murder and a Meal Lab:  Murder Mystery.docx

Chapter 5 Review Sheet:  Ch 5 Review Sheet.docx

Why don_t oil and water mix_ - John Pollard.mp4
Chapter 6: Cells
Homework Due 10/28:  Ch6WS.pdf
PP Notes: Ch 6 Notes.ppt

Student Notes: Ch 6 Students0.doc

Colored Cell Diagrams: ColoredCellDiagrams.pdf

Cell Brochure Project:  Cell Brochure0.doc

Cell Organelle Worksheet:  cell chart0.xlsx

Cell Membrane Bubble Activity:  Cell-Membrane-Bubble-Lab.pdf

Osmosis in Potato Cells Lab:  Potato Osmosis.docx

Cheek Cell and Elodea Lab: CheekandElodea.docx

Review Sheet:  Ch6 review.docx


Chapter 7: Cellular Respiration
HW Due :  Ch7WS.pdf

Ch 7 Notes:  Ch 7 Notes0.ppt

Student Notes:  Ch 7 student notes.doc

CR chart Complete.xls

Elodea Snail Lab.pdf
Calorimetry Lab.docx

[Link]Glycolysis Animation (JohnKyrk)

Chapter 8: Photosynthesis
Ch 8 Notes:  Ch 8 Notes0.ppt

Student Notes:  Ch 8 Student Notes.doc

Elodea & Snail Lab:  Elodea Snail Lab.pdf

CR and PS Review: Ch7&8 Review.docx


Chapter 9:  Cell Division &
Chapter 12:  Human Genetics
Ch 9 WS (due Fri 12/12):Ch9WS.pdf

PP notes:  Ch 9 Notes.ppt

Ch 9 Student Note Sheet: Ch 9 Student Notes with Meiosis.doc

Ch 12 Student Note Sheet:Ch 12 Student Notes.docx

Mitosis Digital Flipbook:  MitosisDigital Flipbook0.docx

Faces of Cancer Lab:  The Faces of Cancer.docx

Karotyping Lab:  karyotype lab.pdf

Review sheet :Ch 9 Review0.docx

Meiosis Diagram.pdf
Mitosis Diagram.pdf

Extra Assignments Due Jan 5th
1.  Use pictures from Google to paste into the circles
Onion Mitosis Lab

2.  Watch Evolution:  Why Sex? and take notes.  
Make sure you watch all 6 parts.

Mitosis Student Movies

Per 2

Alina etc  Mitosis Video.m4v

Per 6

Chapter 10:  Genetics

Ch 10 Notes:  Ch 10 Notes.ppt

Student Note Sheets:Ch 10 Student Notes0.doc

Genetics Problems Packet:  Genetics Problems Packet.docx

Facial Traits for Baby Lab:Human Face.pdf

AP Practice Problems:Genetics Problems.pdf

Ch 10 Review Sheet: Ch 10 Review Sheet.doc

Extra Credit Due 1/20GeneticDisorder Brochure.docx

Practice Problems