Semester 1: Ecosystems

Unit 1:  Introduction to Environmental Science

Unit 2:  Earth Systems

Unit 3:  Ecosystems

Chapter 4 and 5
Ch 4 Notes: Organization of Life
Student Note Sheet

Ch 5 Notes: How Ecosystems Work
Student Note Sheet

Food Chain Gizmo
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Review Sheet: 4-5review.doc

[Link]Jeopardy Review Game: Jeopardy Review Game

Return of the Wolf Documentary (54 min)

How Wolves Change Rivers
Chapter 6 & 7  Biomes and Climate Change

Biomes Notes

aquatic ecosystems0.ppt



Biome Map

Biome Travel Project

Climate Change

 The World Will Be Transformed (with David Attenborough)

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye

Climate Change on Earth Documentary 2017 (Nat Geo)

Do the Math: The Truth About Climate Change (45 min)

 Water Pollution and Aquatic Ecosystems 
 Aquatic Ecosystems and Water Pollution Notes

Water Pollution Student Notes

 New York's Toxic Wasteland (Vice) Part 1

Unit 4:  Biodiversity

Chapter 10:  Biodiversity
Ch 10 Biodiversity Notes.ppt

biodiversity student notes.docx
Extra Assignment:

Take notes on the video
Use the notes on a short quiz that you can take after your Biodiversity quiz on Friday

MidTerm Review sheet

Midterm Review

Midterm Essay questions

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