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Marine Biology

Course Outline:  Marine outline.docx

Unit 1:  Oceanography

Chapter 1: Science
Links and Videos

Find a cool tool used in Marine studies and write about it in the slideshow below
Marine Technology Slideshow

NOAA Exploration Quest.docx

David Attenborough Coral Reef VR Trailer

Microbead Dilemma

Chapter 2:  Sea Floor

GoogleEarth WebQuest

Chapter 3: Chemical and Physical Features

Sandy Project

Ch 1-3 Review Sheet
Earth The Biography:  Oceans

Ocean Currents:  Bill Nye

Tidal Waves at Talbot Bay

How The Biggest Waves Form

Student Projects
Madison and Chris- Ocean City, NJ
Chiraag, Nick, Evan - Keansburg, Nj
Abby, Noa, Maggie - Lavalette, NJ
Channing, Maddie - Seaside Heights, NJ
Jack, Cole, Ryan - Long Branch, NJ
Khia, Erica, Chase - Atlantic City, NJ 
Casey, Jack - Mantoloking, NJ
Nazir, Hasson
Garrett, Danny - Breezy Point, NY

Unit 2:  Biology of the Oceans

Unit 3:  Marine Animals


Unit 4: Ecology and Human Interactions
Ch 10:  Ecosystems
Links and Videos
Marine Ecosystems Assignment
Due Tues 6/7

Ocean Conservation Website Project
Due M 6/13

Student SitesCoral Bleaching (Noa, Maggie, Abby)
Invasive Species (Ryan, Cole)
Garbage Island (Khia and Erica)
Overfishing (Maddie and Chris)
Microbeads (Garrett, Danny)
Oil Spills (Maddie)
Whaling (Casey, Jack, Chase)

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