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Biology 414

The Science of Biology Links and Videos
Relationship to Biology Essay 
Is Sammy Alive?
Ch 1 Class Notes: Science of Biology
Ch 1 Student Note Sheet

Ecology (Chapters 3-5) 
Levels of Biological Organization worksheet
Ecology Class Notes
Homework: 3.1 WS.docx
                       3.2 WS.doc
Quiz on Ch 1 and up to 3.3 on 9/22
Crash Course:  Ecology-The Rules for Living on Earth

Trophic Cascading: Wolves in Yellowstone

Biogeochemical Cycles
Biogeochemical_Cycles Diagrams.pdf
Biogeochemical_Cycles InfoOnly.pdf

Chemistry and Biochemistry Notes

Quiz on (3.4) Biogeochemical cycles, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2.3-4) on Thurs 10/15
Crash Course: Water and Carbon Cycles
Crash Course: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycles

Origins of Water (part of Earth:  The Biography)

 Ecosystems and Communities (Ch 4) 
 Chapter 4 Notes

biome map (coloring).doc

Biome Box:  
Trip to the Zoo.docx

4.1 WS.doc  Due 10/19
                      4.2 WS.doc
Chapter 4 Review.docx

Leonardo DiCaprio Addressing the UN about Climate Change

 Populations and Human Impacts (Ch 5 & 6) 
Classwork:  Deer Population.docx 
Human Pop Growth Lab.docx

Ecological Footprint Comparison.docx
Link: Ecological Footprint Calculator
Crash Course Videos
Population Ecology
Human Population Growth

The Story of Stuff

  The Cell (Ch 7)Links and Videos
 Cell Notes

Cell Student Note Sheet

Cheek Cell Lab
Exercise BTB
Cell Membrane Bubbles
Osmosis Lab

Cell Review Sheet

Cell Brochure Project (Due 12/4)
Rubric: Cell Brochure.docx
Job Comparison: Cell Chart Completed.xls
Inside a Cell Website

Crash Course Videos
Animal Cell

Cell Division (Ch 10) 
 Cell Division Notes

Cell Division Student Notes

Faces of Cancer WS

Mitosis Digital Flipbook

Mitosis/Meiosis WS  page 3 due 1/12
 In The Womb  (first 10 minutes shows mitosis)

Cell Cycle Game

Cancer Videos
The Emperor of All Maladies
How do Cancer Cells behave differently?

Virtual Cell Mitosis

Stop Motion Videos
"We Love Biology" Clay mitosis


 Genetics (Ch 11) 
 Genetics Notes

Student Notes

Traits Inventory
Traits Slideshow

Genetic Disorders Project
Slides (Period 2)
Slides (Period 3)

Gregor Mendel: Great Minds

Mendel's Peas (TedEd)

Genetic Disorders (Learn.Genetics) website
MedlinePlus Genetic Disorders website
 Chapter 12-13 DNA 
DNA Notes

Mutations Lab

 The Double Helix (16min video)

 Ch 14 -15 Biotechnology 

Ch 14-15 notes

Student notes

Review Sheet
The Science of Dogs Documentary (47 min)
Super Cows

What are GMO's? 
Genetic Engineering Scam
Science Behind GMO's

Would you clone your dog?
Cloning the Wolly Mammoth

Designer Babies
International Summit on Gene Editing
Genetic Manipulation Summit (disregard the preaching)

 NJBCT Review
 Review Quizzes Due dates listed on the front of your packet

Kahoot! Review

Practice Test Tuesday, May 3rd!